Calibration Tracking Software

Karan Shinde
March 20, 2021

Calibration is the process of analyzing and recording the deviation of a measuring instrument in comparison to another traceable instrument with higher accuracy, under prescribed conditions And Adjusting the settings of measuring value to maintain the smallest possible or no deviation with an accurate value. After calibration, a Calibration certificated is issued. Calibration can be done by the authorized testing labs, mostly ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratories.

Measuring instruments or equipment required in the measurement of parameters involved in quality inspections, need to be calibrated periodically to ensure a high degree of accuracy, reliability, and safety

Documentation and maintaining records of the calibration history is mandatory regulatory compliance for ISO Standards like ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO 10012-2003, Aerospace Standards like AS9100D, Other QMS Compliance involved in FDA, CFA, GMP, VDA etc.


  • There is the absence of Calibration Management in ERP Softwares, QMS Softwares available in the market.
  • Calibration logs and Certificate data is not available in one single platform in auditable format.
  • MIS Report for Calibration Logs needs to be prepared manually before Audit, and Certificates needs to be searched in the Folders.
  • Calibration should be done periodically (Normally Yearly), and Quality managers need to track manually for the next calibration dates.
  • Failure in timely instrument calibration may result in quality rejections, rework, or compensation claims for quality compromised materials.


  • Factories with Working Standards, Testing Laboratories, Medical Technology Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, ISO or AS Certified Companies, Testing Laboratories, and Calibration Laboratories can build their custom calibration tracking and management software in Officexlr (A low-code platform).
  • Design Form for Devices / Instruments / Equipment with the drag-and-drop app builder,
  • Similarly, Create and design "Calibration Log" Doctype Where you can record details for the current calibration log, like Date, Laboratory Name, Variations/Deviation recorded, Next Calibration date and upload Calibration Certificate.
  • You can connect Google Calender or Email with Zapier to set notification before the next calibration due date.
  • Create Calibration Log Report with Pick & Choose Report Builder.


  • Ensure the accurate functioning of equipment
  • Minimize rejections and rework occurs due to non-calibrated instruments.
  • Minimize operational downtime
  • Fulfil the guidelines and norms mandated by compliance standards by storing records and information in an auditable format.
  • Reduce data preparation time by keeping records on a centralized, secure platform.
  • Avoid data loss arises in the manual process.

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