Build business apps, faster

The Low-code platform to build custom business apps with drag and drop App builder, Access control and Report builder.

Build business apps in minutes

Quickly assemble your application with pre-made components using our drag and drop interface or get a head start with a customizable template.
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Manage access control with granular permission manager

Adjust permissions so that right people see the right data. Do all of this from an easy to understand interface, No system administrator required
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All the power of code when you need it

Use our built-in IDE to write custom javascript code to perform simple client side validations or implement your own business logic which gets executed server side.
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Do it yourself report builder

Quickly generate custom reports from your data using no code report builder. Select the columns you want sort them or filter them all without a single line of code
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Integrated with the apps you love

Officexlr is integrated with over 2000+ application via Zapier. Zapier is a powerful no-code integration tool that moves data between apps. Zapier integration for Officexlr is available free of cost.
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Latest Officexlr Use Cases

Question 1

What is Officexlr ?

Officexlr is low-code development platform which helps you build foundational business apps for your company, By using drag-and-drop app builder one can rapidly assemble an app, Pick-and-choose report builder enables to quickly prepare reports without writing long sql queries.

Officexlr allows developers to expand the abilites of Application, by writing code for Client-side / Server-side with using JavaScript.

Question 2

What can I build with Officexlr ?

You can build business apps that are important and mission-critical for your company, Apps to Improve Operational Efficiency, Apps to Replace Legacy Systems like Microsoft Access, Sharepoint and Excel by creating a System of Records in Officexlr.

Check-out our handpicked App ideas for your inspiration.

Question 3

What should I not build in Officexlr ?

We encourage our customers and users to build internal business apps which are to be used by employees and internal users. While there are endless possibilities for use-cases with the platform, we have some advice on what you should not build.

Officexlr is not a good-fit for Customer-facing applications, Social Media Apps, Gambling Apps and Games.

Question 4

How long does it take to learn Officexlr ?

It generally takes around 15-30 minutes to understand the core concepts of Officexlr. You can read our user manual at to better understand the platform.

Rapidly assemble your app today

Officexlr has full featured free plan for a single user, use it to explore the platform and create tool in matter hours not months