Field Service Management

Shubham Rajelli
March 18, 2021

Field Service Management (FSM) is the process of assigning and tracking on-site tasks assigned against a project or customer. Field Service Tasks are executed by On-site teams, or Field Employees remotely.

Field Service Management Application is Also called Field Management or Site Management Tool. And It is used in Construction & Real Estate, EPC, Project-based manufacturing, Heavy Engineering, Solar & Power, IT & ITES Industries to fulfil the on-site tasks of the Project.


  • There is no process-driven centralized system or software is available for Field Management.
  • Organisations assign a task to the on-site or field teams through e-mail for Issue, Customer Appointment, Maintainance, Installation, Erection and Commissioning.
  • In many cases, field teams miss the customer appointment due to poor process or system of records.
  • Field Service Executives revert the status of the task manually, reports are also generated manually with spreadsheets.
  • No visibility of the historical records, bottlenecks, efficiency and productivity metrics of on-field teams or employees.
  • There may be a chance of data loss, inaccurate logging of billable hours in the manual process may affect project profitability.


  • ‍Organisations can Build a Custom Field Service Management App with the Officexlr Low-code platform.
  • Prepare and configure the forms for Tasks, Issues and Maintainance Schedules for Site Visit, which can be assigned to the specific user or user group responsible for the project or territory.
  • Managers can prepare team calendars by scheduling maintenance and installation visits.
  • You can also, connect Communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Gmail via Zapier, to notify On-site employee on task assignment.
  • Officexlr is Mobile-ready, Remote employees can see tasks assigned to them, start and complete the tasks. Real-time status and time spent on the task can be tracked instantly.
  • Organisations can build their MIS Reports, KPI metrics with Officexlr's Powerful Pick and Choose Report builder to track efficiency and productivity of the teams, pending tasks, billable hours, and time spending on specific project or customer.


  • ‍Save time and Increase 50% weekly job completion.
  • Get data visibility, no need to search spreadsheets and emails.
  • Improved Transparency and Data Security.
  • Mitigates risks to organisations productivity.
  • Reduce Administration and Management time and efforts.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction.
  • Save 30% cost of on-site service, by managing timeslots and reducing field engineers office visits for reporting.

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