Incident Management

Shubham Rajelli
March 18, 2021

Incident Management is an important practice in the business of all sizes in various industries like construction & real-estate, heavy engineering & manufacturing, IT & ITES (Information Technology), Medical technolgy& Healthtech, Oil & Gas, Energy & Power and Government organisations etc.

In Incident management whenever an incident happens it is reported to the organisational departments like Safty, Compliance, HR or Quality. In Incident Tracking there are multiple phases and processes like Detect the Incident, Incident Reporting, Investigation of Incident and Respond to Incident and Provide Resolution with Corrective and Preventive actions.


  • Most of the organisations rely on the paper process or they use email to report the issue. The absence of a Structured Process, lack of transparency, and mismanagement of the incident handling results in a higher mean time to resolution (MTTR) can cause a breach of SLAs and revenue loss due to downtime.
  • There is no visibility and transparency due to the unavailability of centralized data or system to manage incidents, which may lead to the loss of valuable data.
  • Without Effective Incident Management System, an organisation may experience Failure in Regulatory Compliances, Loss of Productivity, Poor Investigation, Repetitive Incidents.


  • An organisation can design their customized Incident Tracking and Management Software in Officexlr.
  • Officexlr is Mobile-ready, which will help your team to report or log an incident with incident type and severity at the same time it is detected. And the team responsible for further actions will be notified.
  • Reported Incident can be further assigned to a team or resource for investigation and resolutions.
  • Users can attach images & documents, comment and tag other users in Officexlr Doctypes this can improve communication and productivity.
  • Incident Status will help to track current progress in Resolution / Closure.
  • After eliminating root causes and threats the user can close the incident and complete the documentation. Users can create preventive actions and task to avoid such incidents and assign to respective teams with priorities.
  • Managers can generate and build reports for Issues, Resolution status, Mean time to resolve, CAPA etc. with a Pick-and-choose report builder in Officexlr.


  • Track and Improve mean time to resolution (MTTR)
  • Save significant cost by Reducing downtime and improving productivity.
  • Increase data visibility for effective decision making
  • Minimize and Prevent incidents to Improve Customer Experience, Workplace Safety.
  • Generate reports and be compliant with regulatory compliances.

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