Near Miss Tracker

Shubham Rajelli
March 18, 2021

A near miss also called a near hit, is an unintended workplace accident that almost happened and has the potential to cause injury, death, or other damage, but gets stopped shortly beforehand. Tracking Near-miss incidents is a useful way to report and gather information about accidents without anyone actually being hurt, and that information can then be used to prevent similar or even more dangerous incidents or workplace hazards from happening in the future.


  • ‍Very few Organisations track Near-miss Incidents, wherever the process is managed Manually with Pen & Paper or E-mails & Spreadsheets.
  • Near-miss incident reports are shared or submitted through emails there is no centralised system for data of Inspections.
  • A lot of time and effort is carried out to prepare reports or search a specific incident report
  • No visibility of the historical near-miss incidents, and corrective and preventive actions for the incidents, may lead to repetitive incidents from similar root-cause.
  • There may be a chance of data loss in the manual process, which also result in an incident is ignored or neglected without appropriate action.


  • ‍You can Build a Custom Near-miss Tracker App with the Officexlr Low-code platform.
  • Prepare and configure the form for reporting Incidents.
  • Enable On-site teams to submit the Incidents with Mobile-ready Officexlr Platform.
  • You can also, connect Public Forms like Google Form, Typeform, Microsoft Forms or Paperform via Zapier, to collect Incident Details with FIR.
  • Connect Communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams or emails to enable instant notifications for Incidents
  • You can configure approval workflow for Near Miss Incidents and track the status instantly (Pending / In-Progress / Completed)
  • You can further assign the reported incident to the specific team member for Corrective or preventive action.


  • ‍Save time in the Tracking and Followup of Incident and Actions.
  • Get Notified Instantly on Incident Reporting
  • Get data visibility, no need to search spreadsheets and emails.
  • Generate reports for Incident History, CAPA in no time, no need to gather data from various systems and create MIS in excel.
  • Improved Transparency to Avoid Non-compliance.
  • Mitigates risks to organisations productivity and profits

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