Supplier Evaluation System

Karan Shinde
March 20, 2021

Supplier Evaluation is an assessment and approval process that businesses can periodically execute to determine if suppliers or vendors can meet their organizational standards and obligations defined under contract.

Supplier Rating Systems can be used to keep track of product or raw material quality, delivery timeline, and responsiveness of suppliers. The end goal is to help in data-driven purchasing decisions, secure a low-risk, best-in-class vendor and supplier portfolio.


  • ‍The process is managed Manually in Spreadsheets by analysing reports generated from various software.
  • Unavailability of data and reports, as everything is managed in Hard-copy or Excel Sheets, there is no centralised system
  • Supplier Scorecard is Time & Resource consuming process for the Procurement Team if done manually.
  • There may be a chance of human errors in supplier evaluation, result in compliance failure or delay in regulatory statutory audits.


  • ‍Build a Custom Application with Officexlr Low-code platform to manage the Vendor Evaluation and Supplier Scorecard.
  • Prepare supplier evaluation criteria and allocate weightage based on their delivery, price, production, and quality of management, technical and services.
  • Connect Public Forms like Google Form, Typeform, Microsoft Forms or Paperform via Zapier, and collect self-assessment and feedbacks
  • Track Supplier scorecard and evaluation results with custom reports.


  • ‍Save 60% time in the Supplier Evaluation process.
  • Increase Supplier Performance visibility and reduce risk of supply chain disputes.
  • Get data visibility, no need to search spreadsheets.
  • Generate reports in no time, no need to gather data from various systems and create MIS in excel.
  • Eliminate human errors.

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