Employee Exit

Karan Shinde
March 20, 2021

At the time of resignation or termination of an employee from work, HR has a lot of paperwork and formalities like full and final settlement, exit interview, clearance from various departments, searching for a replacement of the employee, get employee feedback and more.
This needs to go through a systematic process. You can build your customized Employee Exit or Employee Offboarding App to prepare and assign a checklist for the exit process, you can manage everything right from resignation tracking and acceptance to exit interviews, and employee feedback in a single platform.
You can also integrate Google Forms, Survey Monkey or type form to collect exit interview response from departing employee.


  • ‍The process is managed Manually
  • Unavailability of data and process transparency, as everything is managed in Emails and Excel Sheets, there is no centralised system
  • Employee exit is Time & Resource consuming process for the HR department
  • There may be a chance of improper handover, in many cases employees relieved before access revocation for company accounts or data handover, this may harm the data security of sensitive information of the company.


  • Build a Custom Application with Officexlr Low-code platform to manage the off-boarding process and exit documents.
  • Prepare a checklist for organisational tasks involved during the employee exit process.
  • Connect Public Forms like Google Form, Typeform, Microsoft Forms or Paperform via Zapier, and collect exit interviews and feedbacks
  • Connect Email, Slack or Microsoft Teams to Notify exit tasks to responsible teams, like departmental clearance, IT asset return, data handover, and account or data deletion requests or revoke access request etc.
  • Track process status with custom reports.


  • ‍Save 60% time in the entire exit process by automating redundant tasks.
  • Get process and data visibility, no need to search in emails and spreadsheets.
  • Generate reports in no-time, no need to gather data from various systems and create MIS in excel.
  • Eliminate human errors, and task miss outs before reliving the employee.

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