Transmittal Management

Karan Shinde
March 20, 2021

Transmittal is the document used to share documents, drawings with customers, vendors, internal departments or employees. Transmittal is an important practice in document management to track and control revisions and sharing activities used by engineering, product development, project management, EPC, Architecture, BIM Management and Construction companies.

Transmittal are packing slip for drawings or documents and act like a cover letter attached with transmitted or submitted documents, files or drawings.

Transmittals can be Internal or External based on recipient, Transmittals contains a list of documents attached along with revision number, submitted by, submitted to; transmittals are further approved by the authorised managers to control document sharing and data security.


  • Organisations create Transmittals manually using Microsoft Word or Excel or other similar applications, there is no centralised system or process.
  • There no visibility of updated revisions, and sharing history.
  • Risk of Inaccurate File submission and data insecurity due to Unavailability of Access Controls and Approval Workflow
  • Prepare a report for historical transmittal is a challenging job for teams.


  • ‍Organisations can Build a Document Management App or Transmittal Management Application with the Officexlr Low-code platform.
  • Prepare and configure the forms for the Transmittal template, with Transmittal type, Date, Submitted to Party, Submitted by the employee, approved by etc .
  • Officexlr allows users to upload and attach files to any doctype, with using this feature organisations can attach their documents to transmittals.
  • Approval workflow for multilevel approval and authorization hierarchy can be configured, so managers can review approve the transmittals created by their teams.
  • On Successful submission and approval of the Transmittal, Attached files along with digitally signed transmittal can be shared automatically to the recipient via e-mail, or Organisation can choose to print the transmittal to send it with hard-copy documents.
  • You can also, connect Communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Gmail via Zapier, to notify internal teams and employees on transmittal creation or document revision.
  • Organisations can Integrate their file storage and management apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft One Drive etc to Fetch the docs in transmittals.
  • Organisations can build their Reports with Officexlr's Powerful Report builder to track revision history and audit log for document share report.


  • ‍Eliminate manual document management and Save 70% time of transmittal creation and tracking.
  • Get data visibility, no need to search spreadsheets and emails.
  • Improved Transparency and Data Security.
  • Mitigates risks to organisations productivity.
  • Reduce Administration and Management time and efforts.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction with correctly shared documents or drawings.
  • Save 30% cost of engineering and product development, by avoiding rework caused due to submission of wrong or old version of the drawing or document.

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