Vaccine Management

Karan Shinde
March 20, 2021

The arrival of multiple vaccines created hope of the end of the  pandemic, but successful vaccination not only dependent on Research, Clinical Trials and Production. Effective Vaccine Distribution, Administration and Data / Information Gathering will be key aspects of a successful vaccination drive.

In this "battle" the Vaccination of the world’s 7.9 billion citizens should be done smoothly and efficiently, this process requires speed, transparency, and coordination. As we all know, digitalization and automation have transformed manual functions in various industries and businesses, and the same can be implemented in Vaccine Administration and Distribution.


  • The existing error-prone system and manual process are slowing down the Vaccination and Distribution.
  • Currently, there is no centralized data system for Vaccinators.
  • Vaccine Shortage due to lack of Inventory data and Reorder levels, and Lead time of supply chain.
  • Wastage of vaccine doses due to Unmanaged appointment scheduling.
  • Administration Tasks are time and resource consuming in manual process.


  • Citizen Self-service App for Appointment Scheduling, with automated calendar availability based on inventory and minimum/maximum dose per vial, Reminders on Next Dose.
  • Centralized Administration app, built on Officexlr Platform for Vaccinators and Administrators with Patient Records, Capacity Monitoring, Appointment Approvals and slot allocations.
  • Patient Safty Monitoring, and Adverse symptoms reporting.
  • Vaccinator Management with User Onboarding and Roles and Permission Allocation.
  • Vaccine Capacity Management with Inventory of Vaccine Doses and Vials, Reorder levels, Order to Delivery Lead Time Management, Stock Predictions and Analytics.
  • Distribution Channel Management with Allocation Priorities, Storage and Handling Management and Quality Control.


  • Eliminate Wastage by capacity planning and appointment scheduling.
  • Avoid Vaccine Shortage by managing data-driven stock and inventories of dosages.
  • Save 75% of Administration and Data entry time by allowing citizens to provide data with Self-service Application.
  • Minimize Errors occurs due to manual process or system.
  • Generate Real-time Reports with Compliant and Auditable data.

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